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Kundenanalyse im Zeitalter von Social Media

Customer Analytics

Wie erfährt man mehr über seine Kunden? Über ihr Verhalten, ihre Einkaufswege und wie kann man aus Kunden loyale Kunden machen. Das Whitepaper zeigt Best Practice, Hürden und Nutzen.

„Customer centric“ is a term we can all be familiar with and with good reason: Customers buy products and contract for services ass well as contribute on social media and blog sites sharing information on your products. How can we analyze this info?

Becoming „customer centric“ is a top priority today, and for good reason: as if it weren’t important enough that customers buy products and contract for services, they now do much more than simply buy. Customers participate in social media networks and chat rooms; they write blogs and contribute to comment sites; and they share information through sites such as YouTube and Flickr. Their activities and expressions not only reveal personal buying behavior and interests, but they also bring into focus their influence on purchasing by others in their social networks. This TDWI best practices report examines organizations‘ current practices and future plans for customer analytics technology and implementation, with a special focus on how organizations are adapting knowledge as well as challenges of social media networks.

Quelle: TDWI

Das White Paper „Customer Analytics In The Age of Social Media“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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