Soziale Netzwerke aus globaler Sicht

Soziale Netzwerke und ihre Bedeutung

It’s a Social World

Umfassender Überblick über Social-Networking-Aktivitäten und ihre Auswirkungen mit 10 spannenden Erkenntnissen zu den Themen „Social Media“ und „Social Networking“.

The importance of social networking in today’s online experience cannot be overstated. Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide accounting for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online in October 2011, and reaches 82 percent of the world’s Internet population, representing 1.2 billion users around the globe.

Over the past few years, social networks have evolved to become an integral part of the online experience, providing the means for users to facilitate offline connections and build new ones online. In the process, social networks have shaped the way we communicate and have even cultivated new social behaviors. Indisputably, the way we keep in touch with friends, find recommendations, and share ideas with others has changed with the advent of social networking.

This report analyzes the current state of social networking activity around the globe, providing key insights into how social networking has influenced the digital landscape and implications for marketers operating in this social world.

  • How extensive is consumer usage of social networking and how does it vary by country?
  • What is the current rate of social networking adoption in different parts of the world?
  • Which sites are driving this adoption in different markets?
  • How are these consumer usage dynamics changing over time?
  • Where do these trends appear to be headed in the future?

Here are three of our key findings, which you can find in the full report available for download or in the accompanying presentation embedded below.

Social Networking is the most popular online activity worldwide

In October 2011, 1.2 billion users around the world visited social networking sites, accounting for 82 percent of the world’s population. Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online around the world is now spent on social networking sites, making Social Networking the most popular content category in engagement worldwide.

Microblogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking

Microblogging, a way of communicating through short-form content, has emerged as a leading social networking platform over the past few years, led by Twitter. In October 2011, Twitter reached 1 in 10 worldwide Internet users, reflecting its emergence as a leading global social network. Other microblogging platforms on the rise are Tumblr and Sina Weibo.

Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction

As mobile devices provide users with the means to connect on-the-go and interact in real-time, they show promise in taking social networking even further. Nearly one third of the U.S. mobile population age 13 and older accessed social networking sites at least once in October 2011. Across five leading markets in Europe, nearly a quarter of the mobile population reported doing so as well. With smartphones driving even more frequent social networking use through apps and the emergence of tablets, we expect mobile social networking to be the wave of the future.

Quelle: comScore

Den vollständigen Report „It’s a Social World“ gibt es hier zum Download.


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