Social Media und B2B

Erfolgreicher Einsatz von sozialen Medien im B2B Bereich

Social Currency in B2B

Report mit Fallstudien, wie auch Unternehmen im B2B Bereich erfolgreich Social Media für ihr Geschäft nutzen können.

The Report provides case study examples of six leading brands that most effectively leverage the social behaviors that influence the degree to which individuals share a brand or information about a brand with others. It also offers recommendations on how to implement successful social media initiatives that will help B2B companies increase their Social Currency.

The report is based on a comprehensive review of the impact of technology on more than 60 brands across 19 industries. The leading brands featured in this report are American Express, AON, Corning, General Electric, Philips and SAP. It is a B2B-specific update to the Social Currency 2012 Report that focused on consumers.

Quelle: Vivaldi Partners Group

Der Report „Social Currency in the B2B World“ kann hier direkt heruntergeladen werden.

Und hier finden Sie Informationen zum Social Currency B2C Report.


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