Social Media Tools und Kundenservice

Einsatz und Nutzen von Social Media Tools für den Kundenservice.

Social Customer Engagement Index 2012

Whitepaper über Einsatz und Nutzen von Social Media Tools für den Kundenservice.

This exclusive whitepaper measures the use and effectiveness of social media tools for customer service across a large sample of large and small businesses in 2012, providing analysis of the various ways in which businesses are succeeding, or failing, in integrating modern methods of communication into their service strategies.

The survey results show that the number of companies using social tools to handle customer service inquiries has doubled in 2012 – how does your organization compare?

The 2012 Social Customer Engagement Index features:

  • A foreword by Paul Greenberg, who calls the report, “One of the more valuable business studies that you’ll see this or any year.”
  • Case Studies from JetBlue, L.L. Bean, Best Buy, and Dell, sharing their stories of implementing social tools and strategies to improve their interactions with customers to create greater service experiences.
  • A conversation with CRM expert Jesus Hoyos, providing his take on the findings and what he expects to see in 2013.
  • Full survey results and analysis by Brent Leary and Becky Carroll, who dig in on the survey results and tell us what it all means.

Quelle: Social Media Today

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