Social Media ROI

Sechs Wege zur Ermittlung des ROI von Social Media

The social Media ROI Cookbook

Sechs Wege wie man den ROI eines Einsatzes von Social Media messen kann.

Today, customers move constantly between the online and offline worlds, using a range of devices — such as smartphones and tablets — that didn’t exist a few short years ago. Thousands of applications and dozens of social media platforms collect and transmit an unprecedented amount of structured and unstructured data, and API changes are a fact of life. The volatility of social data and the pace of change mean that tried-and-true measurement methods are no longer enough. Social data is different.

This report identifies six primary approaches and includes case studies for how organizations measure the impact of social media on revenue. In this free report, industry expert, Altimeter, explores the most effective „ingredients“ for measuring the revenue impact of social media, providing insights and case studies from an array of top companies.

Quelle: Altimeter Group

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