Social Media Fakten 2012 weltweit

Mehr als 2000 Fakten aus 19 Ländern über den Status von Social Media

Social Media around the World 2012

Mehr als 2000 Fakten aus 19 Ländern zum Einsatz und Erfolg von Social Media.

InSites Consulting organised this study for the third time and the results are ready. The full report offers 5 eye-catching insights on the status of social media and more than 2.000 facts and figures about social media in 19 countries. Topics cover main adoption and usage, interactions of consumers with brands, impact of branded conversations, evolution of mobile and the opportunities for structural collaboration between consumers and brands.

This year’s main conclusions are:

  1. The social media landscape is rather stable: the large sites are getting large rand the small ones are getting smaller. Consumers are only prepared to create new accounts for sites which offer unique functions (such as Pinterest and Instagram).
  2. The mobile (r)evolution increases the adoption and usage intensity of social media.
  3. Consumers just love to link with (a limited number of) brands.
  4. 80-90% of consumers want to be involved in co-creation, open innovation and structural collaboration with brands they love. Brands are not yet sufficiently open to this.
  5. Consumers are major fans of market research communities where they can collaborate with companies. After Facebook a research community is the second most preferred platform. Reason is that consumers want their feedback to have an impact; and they are convinced that research communities can have such an effect.

Quelle: Insites

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