Social Media als Währung im Kampf um Kunden

Soziale Medien als Mittel zur Akquisition von Kunden

Social Media B2C

Report, wie sich Marken und Unternehmen in einer digital vernetzten Welt erfolgreich entwickeln können.

The Social Currency 2012 Report explores the new emerging paradigm of how to do business and how to build strong brands in a digitally connected world. The report is based on a global survey with more than 5,000 consumers to understand the impact of technology on over 60 brands across 19 industries. Brands covered in this report include Red Bull, Starbucks, American Express, BMW, Ford, Amazon, Ebay, Nintendo, among many others. The report is an update to the landmark Social Currency 2010 Report that pioneered the concept of Social Currency.

The report introduces a paradigm-shifting Social Currency model. This new model departs from traditional perspectives of creating competitive advantage. The report also outlines the implications of this new model on industries and categories. It shows how companies can adopt new technologies to challenge existing strategies and business models in their respective industries. It demonstrates how social does not only impact communications or marketing, it also impacts entire industries and categories – each in a different way.

The report explores how social technologies impact the value-generating activities of the firm. It evaluates specific functions, including innovation, finance, design and marketing. It concludes that there is a breakdown in the traditional value chain as social technologies now put customers at the heart of every step in the chain. In the extreme, it argues, this leads to a reconfiguration of the entire value chain.

The report also shows how new social behaviors drive a new model of building brand equity, sales and loyalty and offers the new Social Currency Wheel, an alternative to the traditional brand funnel or customer decision journey. The report evaluates the impact of social behaviors of customers on social currency and three outcomes: consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Quelle: Vivaldi Partners Group

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