Den Erfolg sozialer Währungen messen

Über die Möglichkeiten, Kunden über Social Media Marketing zu begeistern und zu binden

The New Rules of Engagement

Was fesselt und hält die Aufmerksamkeit der Konsumenten? Wie kann man dies messen? Die Studie versucht, Antworten zu geben.

The advance of social media has added layers of complexity to this challenge. Forbes Insights, in association with TURN, a marketing technology company, wanted to get to the heart of major issues involving engagement and its measurement. Through surveys of senior marketing executives and consumers, as well as in-depth interviews with CMOs and leading experts on marketing trends, the research sought to better understand how consumers engage with brands and how marketers define and measure that engagement. The study reveals that what marketers consider to be high-value engagement is not always thought of in the same way by consumers.

For this study, Forbes Insights conducted separate surveys of 250 marketing executives and 2,000 consumers. Nearly two in three were from companies with revenues of at least $1 billion, and one in four of them from companies with at least $10 billion in revenue. The consumer survey polled 2,000 U.S.—based individuals, age 18 and up, projectable across U.S. income, age and other demographics.

Quelle: Forbes

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