6 Hinweise für Ihre Online Strategie

Forrester Studie mit 6 Hinweisen zur Verbesserung der Online Strategie

Accelerating Aour Social Maturity

Die Studie von Forrester Research gibt konkrete Hinweise zu einer Verbesserung der Online und Social Media Strategie in sechs Schritten.


Customers and employees are becoming increasingly empowered by social technologies. This change is dramatically changing the way they communicate and collaborate. Find out how to succeed in this new social word by making fundamental changes to resources, skills, tools, processes, and culture.

What is your social media strategy? How are you measuring its value?

Four out of five marketers are involved in social media, yet most are still approaching it with outdated or unrefined notions. Many company’s now have a Facebook page or tweet regularly, but few have a comprehensive strategy in place. Even fewer measure the success of their efforts.

Most companies need a social media education

As more consumers use social media, organizations must be prepared to approach these channels professionally and effectively. In this independent report, Forrester Research introduces a social maturity model to help illustrate the common stages of change that organizations will experience as they implement, manage, and optimize their social activities.

This independent report includes:

  • The introduction of Forrester’s five-stage social maturity model
  • Six criteria for you to address on the path to maturity
  • How to overcome common social media roadblocks

Quelle: Forrester

Die Studie „Forrester’s six steps to achieving “social maturity”“kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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