Strategische digitale Trends für 2014

Digitale Trends und Entwicklungen in 2014

Digital Trend Report 2014

25 digitale Trends und Entwicklungen für 2014 und deren Auswirkungen anhand von Beispielen dargestellt und erläutert.

The Report is a short overview of the 25 trends we’ll be exploring in depth in 2014. We’re especially excited about startups in the native and intelligent ads space, digital innovations coming from BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), a host of new sensors and personal cloud services, experiments in community-developed (vs user-generated) content and the possibilities for smarter cities and government.

Each page represents a trend and four important pieces of information.

  • Key Takeaway: Short, easy explanation of this trend so that you can internalize it and discuss with your colleagues.
  • Examples: Real-world use cases you can expect to see in 2014.
  • Implications: What this trend means for you and your business in the coming year.
  • Watchlist: Notable companies, founders and researchers working in this trend space.

We recommend using our 2014 Trend Report as part of your organization’s ongoing strategic digital assessment and planning process, asking questions such as:

  • Which of our customer/ constituent/ member/ grantee segments does this trend address?
  • How are our competitors/ related agencies harnessing these trends (or failing to do so?)
  • Where does this trend create potential new partners or collaborators for us?
  • How does this trend impact our industry and all of its parts?
  • How will our customer wants, needs and expectations change as a result of this trend?
  • How does this trend inspire us?
  • How does this trend help us think about innovation?

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