Besserer Kundenservice durch Social Media

Kundenservice und Customer Engagement durch Social Media

Thumbs Up!

Zahlreiche Unternehmen nutzen soziale Medien. Besonders spannend ist die Frage, wie mit ihrer Hilfe der Kundenservice und das Kundenerlebnis verbessert werden können.


From Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, to blogs, message boards and community groups, social media encompasses a range of modern communications channels, giving customers a more pronounced voice and businesses new platforms to embrace.

While research indicates that more than half of today’s organizations use social media, it is evidenced that very few have truly mastered how to apply it to achieve their enterprise goals.

That’s where we can help. In Thumbs Up! Customer Engagement for a New Generation -a benchmark study of the impact of social media on customer service-industry analyst firm DMG Consulting explores how these powerful communications channels can benefit customers and organizations alike.

In your complimentary copy of the study, you’ll learn about:

  • Practices, structures, applications and trends driving social media adoption and success
  • Organizational approaches to building a strategy and putting the voice of your customers to work for you
  • The impact on customer service and contact centers
  • The power of technology in the social media customer service equation
  • The critical roles forecasting, staff scheduling and service level goals play
  • Ways to measure social media program success

You’ll also find out what managers and executives from leading organizations are doing to unlock the power of social media, how it’s being used to understand and act on the voice of the customer, and the ways it helps heighten satisfaction and loyalty.

Quelle: Customer Management IQ

Das Whitepaper „Thumbs Up! Customer Engagement for a New Generation“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.


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