Ist Change Management lernbar?

Kann man Change Management  lernen und trainieren? Eine Studie gibt Hinweise.

Transformational Leadership

Viele Unternehmen sind mit Change Management und disruptiven Innovationen immer noch überfordert. Das White Paper gibt Hinweise zu einem erfolgreichen Umgang mit Change Themen.

Most businesses are currently unequipped to embrace innovation and disruptive thinking at the rapid pace needed to succeed in the emerging economy.

In the report, John Marshall Roberts, CEO of Worldview Thinking, posits that to foster transformational leadership a company cannot rely on traditional, skills-based leadership training; instead, additional training may be required to “shift” the fundamental worldviews that leaders use to make day-to-day business decisions. According to Roberts, “There is a huge shortage of programs that truly deliver on the core outcomes required to foster the sort of leadership that will drive transformational levels of business and social change.” Thus, he describes essential outcomes of successful transformational leadership programs as:

  • Unleashing innovative thinking
  • Cultivating big picture insights
  • Increasing empathy skills
  • Fostering optimism
  • Developing courage
  • Sustaining these outcomes over time

For those seeking leadership programs that might produce transformational outcomes, the report provides these key takeaways:

  • Focus on cause rather than effect. The root cause of all human behavior is the human mind; training must foster change at this root level.
  • Emphasize context rather than content. Information is abundant and cheap; insight is rare and priceless.
  • Never underestimate the power of habit. Old habits die hard. Be prepared for resistance as new changes in thinking take root.
  • Focus on results rather than methods. Don’t limit yourself to a certain training method; look for innovative methods that can produce breakthrough results.
  • Invest in growth. Patience is more than a virtue; it’s a neccesity. There are simply no shortcuts to sustainable growth and success.

Quelle: Sustainable Brands

Das White Paper „Transformational Leadership: Can It Be Trained?“ kann hier herunter geladen werden.

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