Erfolgreiches Veränderungsmanagement

Erfolgreiches Change Management

Erfolgreiche Veränderungen

Veränderungen sind für Unternehmen alltäglich geworden. Die Studie benennt die kritischen Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Veränderung und zeigt wie verschiedene Branchen damit strategisch und bei der Umsetzung agieren.

For corporations, change has become the new normal. This report explores the types of business transformations being undertaken and the confluence of factors that triggered them. It also reveals how executives and thought leaders approach the strategy and execution of a business transformation.

Business transformation has taken hold across the broad corporate landscape due to the confluence of several important triggers, including a tipping point in globalization, a major slowdown in Western economies, significant shifts in technology and energy costs, and the challenges of regulatory compliance.

For this study, Forbes Insights, in association with KPMG, surveyed 910 executives at U.S.-based multinationals and banking or asset management firms. Out of 709 corporations, 90% of executives came from companies with revenues over $1 billion. Out of 201 banking or asset management firms, all had assets under management of at least $5 billion.

Quelle: KPMG

Die Studie „Business Transformation and the Corporate Agenda“ kann hier direkt heruntergeladen werden.

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