Zur Zukunft von Mobile Payments

Die Zukunft des mobile Bezahlens und die Rolle von Banken und Sparkassen

Future of Mobile Payments

DB Research Studie zur Zukunft des mobile Bezahlens und der Rolle von Banken und Sparkassen

The rise of mobile and online payments opens up new opportunities, but of course also presents new risks for financial services providers. A lot of attention is currently paid to the (walled garden) strategies of new competitors such as Google, Apple or PayPal. They are increasingly putting out their feelers in segments outside of their own territory, e.g. the market for (mobile) payments. Those financial services providers who do not modernise their upstream and downstream value chains or subject them to the transformation process required for the digital network architecture could suffer painful losses over the medium term. Our paper draws four scenarios on how the market share of banks might develop in about three to five years’ time, with a particular focus on the European market.

Quelle: DB Research

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