Wie werden Sie proaktiv?

Wie wird man zu einer proaktiven Bank oder Sparkasse?

Becoming a Proactive Bank

Die meisten Finanzinstitute sind reaktiv. Das Whitepaper zeigt Wege zu einer proaktiven Bank auf.

Research indicates that the vast majority of financial institutions are reactive when it comes to identifying and resolving operational issues. This fix-on-failure approach to bank operations undermines key objectives such as improvements in risk management, customer experience and operational efficiency.


Read this white paper to learn how banks:

  • Encourage reactive operations
  • Reduce costs and risks with proactive operations
  • Become proactive through a five-step path
  • Achieve real-world results during this transformation

Quelle: Systar

Das Whitepaper „Becoming a Proactive Bank“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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