Wie Banken ihr Back Office optimieren können

Wie Banken und Sparkassen ihr Back Office optimieren können.

Back Office Optimierung

Wie Banken im Bereich Back Office effizienter und erfolgreicher werden können.

In the current banking environment characterized by increasing regulations, growing competition, and tightening margins, retail banks have become more concerned with improving their overall operational efficiency, while customers have become increasingly concerned with paying the many transaction fees banks apply to their products and services.

To bring down the cost of processing each transaction, banks will need to improve the scale and efficiency of operations by looking at their overall operational model and making long-term transformational changes. Banks will have to stop ‘doing everything’ and instead focus on those areas within products, channels, and operations, where they can best achieve industry standards. Traditionally banks have outsourced most of their non-core operational functions to third party service providers, but in the current environment banks should move beyond just targeting cost-savings and create lean operational models that can help them become leaders in their chosen business areas of focus.

Die Studie „Achieving Operational Excellence in Banking“ kann hier herunter geladen werden.

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