Wege zu erfolgreichen Produktinnovationen im Banking

Wege zu erfolgreichen Produktinnovationen im Banking

Banking Innovators Guide

Interessantes Whitepaper mit Wegen für erfolgreiche Produktinnovation im Banking.

For bankers, it is about moving beyond the rate and fee discussion and de-commoditizing the service offering. It is also about thinking more broadly about how to deliver value to clients, on their terms. Affluent clients have the financial assets to achieve their goals, but they are very often time-poor, and the wealthier they are, the more willing they are to trade dollars for time (and experiences).

Clientific and Ten Group USA, the U.S. arm of London-based Ten Group, one of the world’s leading lifestyle management and concierge services companies explored some ways financial institutions can deliver compelling clients experiences that might be outside of financial firms’ core capabilities.

Quelle: Affluent Strategies

Das Whitepaper „Reimagining Bank Product Design in the Experience Economy“ kann hier herunter geladen werden.

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