Trends und Prioritäten bei Customer Experience im Retail Banking

Studie zu Customer Experience im Retail Banking

Customer Experience im Retail Banking

Nicht alle Banken sind erfolgreich im Bemühen, die Customer Experience zu verbessern. Manche setzen falsche Schwerpunkte.

The 2013 Most Engaging Customer Experiences (MECx) study was designed to explore the challenges, successes and trends in customer experience creation and delivery in the retail banking world. The ultimate goal is to help retail banks and credit unions determine where they should focus their limited resources for the greatest return on their customer experience investment.

In “A Shifting Landscape” you will learn:

  • The four customer experience practices that separate Growth Banks from their Non-Growth counterparts
  • What customers love about the community banking experience
  • Improvement priorities for executives and customers

Quelle: PeopleMetrics

Das Whitepaper „A Shifting Landscape – Customer Experience Trends and Priorities in Retail Banking“ können Sie hier direkt herunterladen.

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