Strategische Analyse der Innovationen im Zahlungsverkehr

Innovationen im Zahlungsverkehr und Auswirkungen auf Banken und Bankensystem

Strategic Review of Innovation

Ergebnisse einer langfristigen Bestandsaufnahme der australischen Nationalbank zu den Innovationen im Zahlungsverkehr.

The Reserve Bank has released the conclusions of its Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System. The Review was announced in May 2010, with the aim of identifying areas in which innovation in the Australian payments system may be improved through more effective cooperation between stakeholders and regulators. It has taken a medium-term perspective, looking at trends and developments overseas in payment systems and at possible gaps in the Australian payments system that might need to be filled over a time horizon of five to ten years.

The Bank has concluded that removing some of the barriers to cooperative innovation has the potential to deliver significant public benefits over time. To this end, it proposes two broad approaches to improving cooperative outcomes.

First, the Payments System Board of the Reserve Bank will from time to time set out strategic objectives for the payments system that take into account the interests of all stakeholders, including end users of the payments system. These will identify services or attributes that the Board believes the payments system should be able to provide by a specified time. In general, the industry would be expected to determine how those objectives could be met most efficiently. The Board is providing an initial set of strategic objectives as part of the conclusions of the Strategic Review (see below).

Second, the Bank will establish a more direct dialogue between the Payments System Board and the industry. As part of this effort, the Bank will work with the industry to constitute an enhanced industry coordination body that is suited to engaging in this dialogue. The Bank anticipates that this body will build upon the existing Australian Payments Clearing Association structure.

Quelle: Reserve Bank of Australia

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