Strategien für Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets und das Risiko der Banken im Wettbewerb mit neuen Anbietern ins Hintertreffen zu geraten.

Mobile Wallet Reality Check

Studie über das Risiko der Banken, im Wettbewerb um Mobile Wallets Marktanteile zu verlieren.

The new mobile wallet enabled by smart phones is more than just a payment card – it will improve your entire shopping and transaction experience. Within the next 3-5 years, 50 percent of current smart phone users will utilize their mobile wallet for typical, daily transactions.

Wallets that ranked high on the list met the following criteria:

  1. Payment Capabilities: Each wallet was examined for merchant acceptance, payment options (single vs. multiple cards), transaction range including peer-to-peer (P2P), online, and point of sale (POS) functionality, as well as the speed and simplicity of checkout experience (i.e., purchase, receipt, returns).
  2. Customer Experience: Each wallet was evaluated for the ease of the initial set-up process, device compatibility, application management, shopping enhancements and other functionality intended to improve the overall shopping experience.

There is not just one technology that will win the mobile wallet race. The long term winning wallets will have the ability to use multiple transaction technologies. Wallets that see the highest level of adoption will be those that create an intuitive experience while mitigating consumer concerns about privacy and identity theft.

Quelle: Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting

Die Studie „Mobile Wallet Reality Check: How Will You Stay Top of Wallet?“ können Sie hier direkt herunterladen.

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