Soziale Medien und der Finanzsektor

Social Media und ihr Einsatz in Banken und Sparkassen

Social Media and the Financial Sector

Sind soziale Medien für Banken ein Geschenk des Himmels oder Teufelszeug?

„Social media and the financial sector – Made in heaven or marriage from hell?“, so lautet der spannende Titel einer Studie, die sich eingehend mit dem Thema digitale Zugangskanäle von Kreditinstituten auseinandersetzt und dabei insbesondere das Wechselspiel zwischen sozialen Medien, Kundenvertrauen und Markenreputation von Banken untersucht.

Research reveals financial services fears over social media but digital channels seen as essential to rebuilding public trust

While many businesses have embraced social media, the relationship between the finance sector and social media holds many similarities to teenagers and sex. Many people are talking about it, a few are doing it and those that are, aren’t doing it that well, with one or two exceptions.

CICERO CONSULTING has today published an in-depth report of the financial services sector’s use of social media after conducting interviews with senior business leaders from across the industry.

The report found that nearly two-thirds of financial services professionals admit the industry has not been effective in its use of social media. Despite this, 57% are interested in utilising the medium for external communications going forward.

The research attributes the lag in the financial sector’s engagement with social media to a number of factors, including:

  • More than half of respondents were worried by the potential for brand damage;
  • 1 in 5 were worried about social media because of compliance issues;
  • 10% thought their organisation lacks the expertise to make the most of social media;
  • One-third of respondents were concerned because it was difficult to measure; and
  • 38% were concerned by a lack of time and resource.

Recommendations drawn from the research state that if financial sector organisations are to shake off current fears towards social media, five essential steps towards building a platform for success in social media need to be taken:

  1. Invest in social media;
  2. Listen to target markets;
  3. Organise and coordinate across internal departments;
  4. Experiment with different projects; and
  5. Continuously evaluate the impact of social media activity.

Die komplette Studie “Social media and the financial sector” gibt es hier zum Download

Quelle: Cicero Croup

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