Social Media Management für Finanzinstitute

Ratgeber Social Media für Banken, Sparkassen und andere Finanzinstitute

Social Media Guide

Ein interessantes Whitepaper über Social Media Nutzungsmöglichkeiten für Finanzinstitute und wie diese zu managen sind.


As more of us turn to social media (particularly Twitter) to resolve customer service issues, banks are having to respond over the channels that their customers are using. This guide will look at what the opportunities within social media are for banks, what some of the big names are doing to engage their customers, and some practical advice on managing a customer community if you’re a financial organisation.

Banks can see the benefits of social media for:

  • Customer Service
  • Research and Development
  • Insights
  • Recruitment
  • Sharing information
  • Creating brand ambassadors
  • Reaching a younger audience


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