Retail Banking für die Zukunft vorbereiten

Banken und Sparkassen müssen ihr Retail Banking für die Zukunft vorbereiten

Priming Retail Banking for the Future

Speziell Banken sollten sich mit den technologischen Möglichkeiten von Big Data befassen, um das Retail Banking zukunftssicher zu gestalten.

Examine how retail banks prepare themselves for the future and which key technology enablers are necessary to smooth out the road ahead

With a tough market and tightening regulatory framework, the outlook for banks in terms of profit generation looks both uncertain and challenging, and executives are being forced to re-evaluate whether their organizations are prepared to meet the road ahead. Based on interviews with more than 250 banks, this paper examines the critical business imperatives for retail banks now in the post-financial crisis world, and explores the key technology enablers that executives should consider to prepare for both current and future requirements.


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