Organisatorische Herausforderungen im Retail Banking

Wie sich Banken und Sparkassen im Retail Banking gut organisieren können

Operational Excellence in Retail Banking

Erfolgreiche Banken und Sparkassen haben ihre Abläufe und Prozesse im Griff und erreichen so ein besseres Ergebnis. Fünf Erfolgsfaktoren stechen dabei besonders heraus.

Retail banks achieving broad operational excellence are rewarded with superior financial performance, BCG’s annual Retail-Banking Operational Excellence survey found.

Revenue growth remains stagnant at best in many markets; some banks are still liquidity starved and capital constrained, while others have limited access to qualified borrowers or other high-quality targets for capital deployment. Regulatory changes are adding operational burdens—requiring branch staff to collect more customer information during the account-opening process, for example.

At the same time, customers have become more demanding. For instance, they expect banks to provide simple interaction processes across multiple channels, when and where they prefer. Providing a truly integrated multichannel offering is increasingly just the minimum table stakes in the competition to attract and retain clients.

Despite the challenges, the industry’s return on equity (ROE) in developed markets has improved from a nadir of 8 to 11 percent to 13 to 16 percent. ROE has been helped by dramatic reductions in impairments, improvements in bank cost positions, and a better pricing environment. Still, ROE is a far cry from precrisis levels of 19 to 25 percent. Banks face continuous pressure in the “new new normal” to further cut costs, one of the few realistic options for bridging the ROE gap.

The Five Key Operational Trends of Premier-League Banks

The survey found five key trends in the approaches that premier-league banks use to achieve operational excellence:

  1. Strengthening the customer experience
  2. Increasing sales performance
  3. Improving end-to-end productivity
  4. Enhancing organizational efficiency
  5. Reducing complexity

Quelle: BCG

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