Omnikanal Banking und Kundenorientierung

Studie über den Weg zu Omnikanal Banking und mehr Customer Experience

Omnikanal Banking

Über den Weg von einer bankzentrierten Multikanalbank zu einer kundenzentrierten Omnikanalbank.

Today’s empowered and enlightened banking consumers demand services according to their individual preferences whenever, wherever and however they interact. Customers no longer want to be part of a broad market segment; instead they expect to be treated as a segment of one. These customers expect their companies to know everything about them. And they want to be served according to their own unique personal preferences. For banking, this means a significant culture change – one that moves away from being transaction focused to being more interaction focused.

The white paper reveals the first steps in transitioning banking from a multichannel business model – the predominant model in place today – to an Omnichannel model. This entails moving from a bank-centric view to a client-centric view. Banks must focus on anticipating customer wants and likes versus just fulfilling needs. Further, banks must look to creating a seamless customer experience across every single touchpoint, creating as many similarities as possible among in-person, online and mobile experiences.

Quelle: IBM

Das Whitepaper „Omnichannel Banking: From transaction processing to optimize customer experience“ können Sie hier direkt herunterladen.

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