Neue Wachstumschancen für Banken

Neue Wachstumschancen für Banken und Sparkassen

The Next Growth Opportunity for Banks

Die neue Generation Y bietet Banken und Sparkassen neue Wachstumschancen stellt aber auch neue Anforderungen an diese.


Generation Y consumers (born between 1980 and 1992) need and want advice about how to manage their day-to-day finances. Debt reduction, expense management and financial education are key priorities for younger consumers. They want banks to address their needs using the tools they and their peers have adopted, including mobile devices, video, and social networking. These younger consumers represent a new and important growth opportunity for proactive banks.

The main findings of the survey from Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group are that banking institutions will need to meet the growing demand for:

  1. Automated advice, such as PFM (Personal Finance Management) capabilities, to help customers gain control of their finances
  2. High-quality video interactions to provide on-demand advice in branches and at home
  3. Community-of-interest and social networking venues to offer virtualised, on-demand advice.

Quelle: Cisco

Die Studie „The Next Growth Opportunity for Banks“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

Die Management Summary der Studie „Top 10 Reasons Young Consumers Will Transform Retail Banking” gibt es hier zum Download.

Und hier gibt es noch das Diskussionspapier 2011: Positioning for Future Competitiveness in Retail Banking: “Save To Invest” and “Invest To Win


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