Kundenanforderungen an Mobile Payment

Kundenanforderungen an Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments

Durch Ergänzung mit Loyalitätsprogrammen und Tools für Persönliches Finanz Management könnte Mobile Payment mehr Schwung bekommen.

Consumer adoption rates of mobile payments are low despite broad awareness. Persuading consumers to become regular users of these systems is critical for businesses if they want to strengthen customer relationships and capitalize on the significant opportunities mobile payments provide.

Financial incentives and mobile-based financial-management tools could increase consumers’ use of smartphones as payment devices, according to an Accenture survey of 4,000 smartphone users in the United States and Canada.

More than half of respondents who currently use their smartphones to make payments said they were highly likely to pay by phone more often if they could use their phone to track receipts (cited by 60 percent of respondents), manage their personal finances (56 percent), or show proof of insurance (56 percent) or of a valid driver’s license (54 percent).

In addition, more than half of those who currently make mobile payments also said they were highly likely to pay by phone more often if they were offered: instant coupons from retailers when buying by phone (cited by 60 percent of respondents); reward points stored on their phone for future purchases at the store (51 percent); coupons that could be automatically stored on their phone (50 percent); or preferential treatment, such as priority customer service (50 percent).

The same value-added tools and incentives could increase the adoption of mobile payments among non-users. For instance, about one in three non-users said they would be more likely to use mobile payments if they could use their phones as proof of insurance or to track receipts (each cited by 32 percent of respondents). And about one in five non-users said that they would be more likely to use mobile payments if they received a preferential treatment at retailers or coupons for future purchase that could be stored on their phones (cited by 21 and 20 percent of respondents, respectively).

Key findings:

  • Consumers know that mobile payments are an option, but still do not make them.
  • The industry’s preoccupation with picking a winning mobile payments technology is unnecessary.
  • The security, privacy and convenience of mobile payments are key concerns among all respondents.
  • Rewarding consumers encourages usage.
  • The same incentives might increase adoption among non-users, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • Non-users are even less likely to switch phone, wireless carrier or bank to enable mobile payments than      current users.
  • The value and convenience of mobile payment systems for consumers could be enhanced by other ancillary      benefits.
  • Non-users also favor value-added tools.
  • Expanding the number of situations in which consumers can make mobile payments would increase      usage.
  • Making mobile payments for gas is appealing.

Quelle: Accenture

Die Studie „Driving Value and Adoption of Mobile Payments – Consumers Want More“ kann hier direkt heruntergeladen werden.

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