Innovationen im Retail Banking

Ein einfacheres und erfolgreicheres Innovationsmanagement für Retailbanken

Retail Banking Innovation

Wie Banken Ihre Innovationsbarrieren überwinden und ein erfolgreicheres Innovationsmanagement erreichen können.

This year’s study, which surveyed 148 banks in 66 countries, revealed that as the global economy recovers, retail banks across the world are increasingly investing in innovation as a means of generating revenue and controlling costs. In fact, 60 percent of banks surveyed have an innovation strategy compared to just 37 percent five years ago, when the report was first issued.


The study also found that to overcome the main barriers to innovation – legacy systems and organizational silos – banks are looking towards technologies that can simplify their operations and deliver a richer customer experience. In particular, mobile innovation is beginning to gather pace, with 77 percent of banks deploying or planning to deploy a mobile wallet solution.

Key findings of the study include:

  • 76 percent of banks believe they are becoming more innovative, with the biggest increase being seen in customer channels
  • 77 percent of banks surveyed are increasing investment in innovation. This is an encouraging trend as the 2009 study revealed only 13 percent of banks had increased investment
  • More than half (58 percent) of banks surveyed believe the ability to deploy new systems in components would have a positive impact on their ability to innovate
  • Mobile location-based offerings were cited as another area of innovation for banks, with 69 percent deploying or planning on making deployments
  • To enhance their product and service offerings, 45 percent of banks are already using or planning to invest in gamification, and 61 percent of banks currently allow or plan to allow customers to do some form of product personalization
  • Large and medium sized banks rated the top three barriers to innovation as legacy IT systems, culture and organizational silos

Quelle: Infosys and Efma

Die Studie „Innovation in Retail Banking“ können Sie hier herunterladen.


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