Global Transaction Banking 2013

Finextra Global Transaction Banking Report 2013

Global Transaction Banking

Der Bericht gibt einen Überblick zum weltweiten Transaktions Banking von 73 verschiedenen Banken.

This is the fourth survey Misys has conducted with Finextra evaluating the state of the global transaction banking sector.  This year’s survey received 107 responses from 73 different banks or banking groups. The key findings were:

  • Most growth potential for global transaction banking seen as coming from APAC
  • Banks are striving to satisfy corporate demands, but hampered by lack of automation and operational inefficiencies; looking to new, non-traditional services but focusing on core business
  • 69% said that the main challenges to that growth remain operational inefficiencies across core transaction banking systems. While business lines have consolidated, systems have not. 84% said that increasing payments processing efficiency was one of their top two priorities for investment, and 56% said investing in streamlining the trade finance business was in a top two priority
  • While unified cash, trade and payments was seen as key to growth, 75% said rolling out unified services in new regions was difficult and a barrier to growth
  • Only 12 per cent of banks offer the full breadth of online banking services
  • Cross-border payments processing is seen as the top priority for investment and growth

Quelle: Finextra

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