Gegenwart und Zukunft von Payments

Infrastruktur, Einflussfaktoren und zukünftige Trends im Markt für Payments

The Changing Face of Payments 2013

Übersicht zu Infrastruktur, Einflussfaktoren und zukünftige Trends im Markt für Payments.

In late 2012, the Financial Services Club conducted a survey of 450 financial services professionals, in collaboration with VocaLink and Cognizant about the state of the world’s payment-processing infrastructures and where it’s heading.

This report presents and examines the results of  this research in three main areas:

  • The current state of payment infrastructures and the banks‘ ability to interface with them.
  • The drivers for change.
  • The likely future state of payments.

While payment infrastructures remain largely fit for purpose today, it’s clear from the results that there are many challenges and opportunities ahead. The industry must continue to meet those challenges head-on to transform payment services, at the same time as retaining its crucial reputation for payment continuity.

Quelle: Vocalink

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