Digitalisierung von Bankdienstleistungen

Neuer Kundenbedarf für Digitale Medien betrifft Banken und Sparkassen

New Digital Tipping Point

Eine Studie zum besseren Verständnis von Kundenbedarf, Kundenerwartungen und Kundenverhalten im Zeitalter digitaler Medien.

Banks are constantly adapting to satisfy the needs of their stakeholders. In addition, the number of customers who use the internet has exploded.

PwC surveyed approximately 3000 banking customers in nine different markets to understand customers‘ needs, attitudes and behaviors to digital media.

Our insights from this research can help banks harness the power of the new and improved digital market, not just by saving costs, but by deepening customer relationships. The new digital tipping point explores these insights and the opportunities that exist for banks.

Banks are facing the ‚perfect storm‘ as increasing regulations and cost pressures  are compounded by the global economic crisis. Emerging banking technology is giving new competitors entry into the traditional banking revenue pools and driving a change in customer expectations and behaviour.

Digital technologies offer banks the opportunity to save costs and deepen customer relationships. We surveyed approximately 3000 banking customers in nine different markets to understand customers‘ needs, attitudes and behaviours to digital media. Key findings include:

  • 75% of UK banking customers said that their phones had access to the internet and 56% say that they use social media at least once per day
  • Emerging markets and Generation Y customers are leapfrogging online banking and going straight to mobile, and developed countries are likely to follow suit.
  • 53% of UK banking customers say that if they were going to buy a new banking product they would buy it from their current provider – this was the lowest of the 9 countries surveyed, indicating that the UK is a highly competitive banking market
  • Emerging markets score more highly on overall banking customer engagement, in areas such as ‚My bank knows me well‘ and ‚My bank makes me feel like they value me‘
  • Online capability, security and simplicity of use were ranked as the 3 most important attributes UK customers want of their banks
  • In the UK 65% of banking customers would be willing to pay an optimal price of £4.20 per month for loyalty card services. A further 66% would be willing to pay for a Twitter/Facebook notification of a transaction.

The victors in this tricky market will be those that recognise the changing ecosystem and set out a clear digital vision for securing customer relationship primacy.

Quelle: PWC Financial Services

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