Die Zukunft von Finanzdienstleistungen in einer mobilen Welt

Zur  Zukunft von Finanzdienstleistungen in einer mobilen Welt

The Future of Financial Services in a mobile World

Das White Paper fasst eine Experten Diskussion im Rahmen der NetFinance 2013 zusammen und beschreibt den Einfluss von digitalen und mobilen Technologien auf die Finanzbranche.

It was a great conversation with much agreement on how quickly the space is changing – but with varying opinion about the winners and losers from ongoing innovations, shifts in consumer behavior, and the overall impact on the banking business model.

16 top industry experts from institutions like Bank of the West, Capitol One, Citigroup, Discover Financial Services, MasterCard, Mechanics Bank, Wells Fargo and more participated with us in a closed board room discussion at to consider the future of financial services in a mobile world.

Read their thoughts on key issues, and see graphs and analysis from an anonymous survey. The discussion spotlights trends, winning marketing and digital strategies, and areas in need of further development and investigation in the mobile and omni-channel financial services world.

Learn about

  • How leading financial services companies are using mobile to tap new revenue streams and build loyalty.
  • How they’re responding to threats from new entrants.
  • Strategies for reducing costs, and integrating in-person with digital engagement.

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