Die Zukunft des Bankgeschäfts liegt in der Kundenbeziehung

Die Zukunft des Bankgeschäftes liegt in der Beziehung zum Kunden

Future of Banking

Im Zeitalter des Web 2.0 kommt der Beziehung und Interaktion mit Kunden einen entscheidende Rolle im Bankgeschäft zu.

Connecting with your customers is essential for survival in the era of Bank 2.0. In times when most customers interact with their bank solely online, creating exceptional experiences and a unique engagement strategy has become the key to a bank’s success.

In this white paper you will learn about:Turning your online channel into a customer engagement platform.

  • How loyalty is created by engaging customers on their own terms.
  • Best practices taken from other industries about how to engage customers.
  • How to outperform your competitors in the age of Bank 2.0.

Quelle: Backbase

Das Whitepaper „The Future of Banking is Engagement Banking“ kann hier bestellt werden.

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