Die mobile Herausforderung

Wie Banken die mobile Herausforderung meistern können

Mastering Mobile Banking

Report über die Herausforderungen durch Mobile Payment und Mobile Banking, denen sich die Finanzinstitute derzeit stellen müssen.


BAI (Bank Administration Institute) hat vor kurzem eine Konferenz über veranstaltet. Der Report fasst die wesentlichen Ergebnisse zusammen.


Bankers no longer have to be lectured about the benefits of mobile banking. The real issues bankers face with mobile are constructing a business model that protects their financial interests and customer relationships while encouraging the mass market to entrust their financial information to a mobile device. In Mastering Mobile, the latest BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report, we examine how banks are handling some of these issues.

Articles in this Executive Report include:

Bridging the Security/Convenience Gap in Mobile

Consumers clearly want both security and convenience in mobile payments, putting pressure on financial institutions to deliver both effectively or lose the market.

The Impact of Mobile Shopping on the Retail Banking Experience

It’s clear that mobile commerce presents a tremendous opportunity for retails, but how are the types of behaviors experience on mobile devices impacting banks?

Taking a Swipe at Mobile Payment

A new category of card readers give business the opportunity to physically take card payments via the mobile phone and banks a broader range of payments clients.

The Safety Factor of Mobile Cash Access

Mobile cash access is a technology that enables banks to break free of the security and revenue limitations of the magnetic stripe card.

Mobile Advertising: The Race for Enrollment

Banks can reap major benefits from mobile advertising, but only if they enroll their customers in bank-controlled mobile payment applications.

Quelle und Download: BAI Banking Strategies

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