BLE versus NFC – Zur Zukunft des mobilen Bezahlens

Mobile Technologie: NFC Chip versus BLE

NFC Chip vs. BLE

Umfassender Vergleich zwischen den beiden mobilen Technologien für kontaktloses Bezahlen NFC Chip und Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

When Apple’s iBeacon feature rolled out in 2013, many observers proclaimed it an „NFC killer.“ But that assessment overlooks an important fact: iBeacon is but a manifestation of a technology — Bluetooth Low Energy — that functions much differently than NFC.

In this whitepaper from Pyrim Technologies, Steve Gurley offers a detailed comparison of both technologies and their unique (and often complementary) use cases.

Quelle: Mobile Payments Today

Das Whitepaper „The iBeacon/BLE vs NFC Debate: Now the Truth“ kann hier direkt heruntergeladen werden.


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