Biometrie und mobiles Internet

Biometrische Erkennungs- und Identifizierungssysteme und deren Möglichkeiten bei Banken und Sparkassen

Homo biometricus

Die Studie von DB Research beschäftigt sich mit biometrischen Erkennungs- und Identifizierungssystemen und ihre Verwendung bei Finanzdienstleistern.

In an era when a variety of sectors are being suffused by digital processes biometric recognition technologies offer a broad range of potential applications and will increasingly complement or even replace traditional identification procedures. The fast-growing mobile internet services segment represents a particularly lucrative potential market. Wherever minor system errors are easier to excuse, this is where biometric recognition procedures will (initially) spread. Banks tend not to be among the “early adopters” because the acceptance risk is (still) too high and/or the robustness required of biometric systems is not (yet) sufficiently guaranteed.

Quelle: DB Research

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