Bessere Kundenorientierung über alle Kanäle

Optimierung des Multikanalvertriebs für mehr Kundenorientierung bei Banken und Sparkassen

Multikanalstrategie und Kundenorientierung

Optimierung des Multikanalvertriebs bei Banken für mehr Kundenorientierung und eine differenzierte Customer Experience.

In today’s business context shrinking margins, persistent market volatility, and the ongoing eurozone crisis is putting pressure on banks’ revenues and profitability. Delivering an enhanced customer experience is fast emerging as the key differentiator for banks—not only providing them with a competitive edge, but also helping them improve their bottom line. Optimizing multi-channel customer service will be the key in delivering an enhanced customer experience. In this paper, we explore how banks can achieve excellence in multi-channel integration by focusing efforts around key dimensions such as people, multi-channel strategy, processes, technology, client information management, and metrics.

Die Studie „Optimizing Multi-Channel Customer Service to Support Customer Centricity: Processors“ kann hier herunter geladen werden.

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