Banking einfacher machen

Das Banking einfacher machen

Simplify banking

In einer Bankenbranche mit stetig steigender Komplexität sind Wege zu mehr Einfachheit gefragt, um Wachstum und Profitabilität zu steigern.

A recent research conducted by Infosys and EFMA (European Financial Management Association) on innovation in banking highlighted that

  • Only 35% of banks have a real-time single view of customer products and transactions
  • Merely 21% of banks provide some form of product personalization to their customers
  • Banks take nearly 6 months to bring out new offers to market, with large banks taking double the time

The common reason for this struggle is the complexity in banking operations and technology. Today, complexity has emerged as one of the biggest impediment to respond effectively to market demands.

Quelle: Infosys und EFMA

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