Banken und soziale Medien

Einsatz von Social Media in Banken und Sparkassen

Social Media im Banking

Das Whitepaper beleuchtet den Einsatz von sozialen Medien in Banken aus Sicht sowohl des Managements wie der Kunden.

ath Power conducted three parallel pieces of research to capture an overview of the current state of Social Media in banking. In a nationwide survey to bank executives, we assessed how banks are currently utilizing social media, how it has impacted their organizations, what strategies have been successful and/or ineffective and what they plan to do moving forward. We also surveyed banking consumers to determine how they interact with their banks via social media and to unveil what they do and do not find useful. In addition to the two surveys, ath Power completed interviews with senior managers at 15 national and regional banks, who are considered leaders in both banking and Social Media. Interviews were also conducted with Social Media and compliance experts to help identify best practices as well as potential trouble spots to help banks stay competitive and compliant in today’s market.

Das Whitepaper „Social Media Foundations: Peer Lessons and Consumer Insights“ kann hier angefordert werden.

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