Priorität Customer Experience

Customer Experience muss im Mittelpunkt des Marketing stehen

The Customer Experience

Die Zeiten, in den Unternehmen über ihre Produkte reden und Kunden zuhören sind lange vorbei. Das Marketing muss den Kunden und sein Bedürfnisse heute in den Mittelpunkt stellen.

Today customers are in control. They listen to their family, friends or social networking communities instead of the company itself when making purchasing decisions. Marketing is no longer about the product. It has to be about the customer—her needs, behaviors and the personalized experience she is looking for.

This report is based on a survey conducted by Forbes Insights, in collaboration with EY, in September 2013, which was completed by 321 senior executives in the U.S., from a broad range of industries. Respondents ranged from C-suite executives to VPs to directors and held roles in marketing, IT, operations, finance, management and strategy.

Quelle: Forbes

Die Studie „Customer Experience: Priority One for CMOs“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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