Personalisierung für Vertrauen und Ertrag

Personalisierung, Vertrauen und Ertrag sind Grundlagen für erfolgreiches Marketing

Personalisation, Trust and ROI

Personalisierung wird immer mehr zu einem wichtigen Kriterium für erfolgreiches Marketing im Internet. Dabei gibt es verschiedene Ansätze, die zu beachten sind.

The research is based on a survey of around 400 marketers in Europe and the United States.

The following sections are featured in the report:

  • The ability to personalise the web experience is becoming a fundamental requirement
  • How are marketers personalising the web experience?
  • How companies measure ROI
  • Best practices for personalisation
  • Test, test, test: use of data and testing to maximise conversions
  • What does the future hold?

Findings include:

  • Over half (52%) of respondents indicate that the ability to customise content to different segments or individuals is critical to their business.
  • Just over a third of companies surveyed are able to target personalised web content in the right context in real-time.
  • Only 32% of respondents view their current content management systems as useful enablers of personalisation.
  • Only around a third of survey respondents (33% of client-side respondents and 31% of agencies) agree that they use data effectively to maximise conversions.
  • Future developments in data protection legislation are a major cause of uncertainty in the marketplace: only 37% believe ‘the use of data will expand, slowly, as demand for real-time services is balanced by legal and cultural resistance coming from the privacy debate’.

Quelle: Adobe

Den Report „Personalisation, Trust and ROI“ können Sie hier direkt herunterladen.

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