Personalisierung als Marketing Trend

Personalisierte Ausrichtung der Marketing Strategie auf den Kunden

Prioritizing personalization for Growth

Kunden erwarten eine persönliche Ansprache. Dies führt zu neuen Herausforderungen für das Marketing. Das White Paper gibt u.a. sechs konkrete Hinweise.

Customers demand relevant and personalized digital experiences on the web. Smart marketers are using advanced solutions like on-site search and merchandising, recommendations, as well as testing and targeting to deliver the most relevant offers possible. Get strategies from leading researchers who will help you increase the personalization across your website.

Today’s consumer expects merchants to embrace his or her specific needs throughout the shopping experience. Prioritizing personalization for growth is essential to brand differentiation, conversion, customer loyalty, and ultimately bottom-line performance.

Mastering personalization

Learn why organizations are turning to solutions like automated recommendations, on-site search, testing and targeting to master personalization and ultimately bottom-line performance.

This research bundle includes:

  • The e-tailing group’s eight-step guide to personalization
  • Patricia Seybold Group’s perspective on consumer experiences
  • New ways to boost conversion rates and bottom line revenue

Building relevancy for success

Isn’t it about time your web analytics data started helping you make better decisions to save time and increase revenue? If your business’ success depends heavily on your website, you’ll want to hear what two of the world’s leading marketers have to say about online analytics and optimization.

Das White Paper „ Prioritizing personalization for Growth“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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