Marketing und Unternehmenserfolg

Der Zusammenhang von gutem Marketing und Unternehmenserfolg

Leading the Customer Experience

Es besteht ein Zusammenhang zwischen erfolgreichem Marketing und Ertrag. Geolocation, die Berücksichtigung der Kundenerfahrung über alle Kanäle sowie der real-time Einbezug des Kundenverhaltens sind Erfolgsfaktoren.

To understand the impact of marketing management on business outcomes, IBM surveyed more than 500 professionals across fifteen industries and linked responses to public financial information to see correlation between marketing sophistication and financial performance.

Marketers are working harder than ever to keep up with the shifting demands of their unpredictable customers. What are industry-leading businesses doing to stay ahead of the curve in today’s mobile, social, cross-channel world?

Read this white paper to see the results from the latest IBM global marketing survey, and find out how forward-thinking marketing leaders are taking greater responsibility over customer service interactions, using big data to personalise their marketing communications, and using location-based tactics to target digitally savvy, on-the-move customers.

You will learn how leading marketers are:

  • Using location-based mobile to gain three and a half times the performance over others
  • Twice as likely to measure the customer experience on their website and apps
  • Two and a half times more likely to use real-time technologies to adjust communications based on the context and behaviour of individual customers

Quelle: IBM

Das Whitepaper „How Marketing is Taking Charge: Leading the Customer Experience“ kann hier direkt heruntergeladen werden.

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