Marketing 2012/2013

Herausforderungen für das Marketing durch verändertes Kundenverhalten

State of Marketing 2012

Über die Herausforderungen für das Marketing durch verändertes Kundenverhalten.

Consumers are changing marketing. Today’s consumers are well-informed, social media-savvy, and likely have two or more mobile devices. They are more demanding—expecting current and perpetually shifting new channels, such as mobile and social, to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Getting an in-depth look at how marketers from across the globe are responding to this empowered consumer provides important insights into the underlying characteristics of successful marketing organizations.

The third annual IBM State of Marketing Survey 2012 results reveal that in order to meet the challenges posed by new technologies and maximize the success of their organizations, marketers must expand their role in leading the customer experience, remove silos and integrate across channels, and embrace a greater partnership with IT.

See how your peers from across the globe are using new technologies, and what types of challenges they face in trying to adopt them. Check out these resources to help you better understand how you compare.


Quelle: IBM

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