Kundenverhalten in 2012

Gewinnung und Bindung von Kunden vor dem Hintergrund eines veränderten Konsumentenverhaltens

2012 Global Consumer Pulse Research

Wege zur Gewinnung und Bindung von Kunden vor dem Hintergrund eines veränderten Konsumentenverhaltens.

While the global economy remains volatile, companies continue to focus on growing revenue from their current customers and acquiring new customers.

However, as they pursue emerging growth opportunities, businesses face a sobering reality: Many of their existing, “tried and true” customer acquisition and retention strategies are having trouble keeping pace with target consumers who are perpetually in motion, more technologically savvy than ever, and increasingly difficult to predict.

The result is that many companies are struggling to retain and also gain enough customers to fuel the growth they and their shareholders expect.

The 2012 Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research Study

In 2012, our eighth year of conducting the exclusive Accenture Global Consumer Pulse research, we surveyed more than 12,000 consumers in 32 countries. Our research explored:

  • The dynamics of today’s consumers and difficulty in effectively attracting and retaining customers.
  • Consumer preferences on how they want to interact with providers, the frustrations they experience,  and how often—and why—they have switched providers.

This report will help you capitalize on this behavior to more effectively connect with customers, to grow more profitably. You’ll find guidance on how to gauge your ROI in the customer experience, and whether that investment is enabling you keep pace with the changing consumer marketplace—around the corner or around the world.

Read how you can achieve sustainable, profitable growth as consumers become:

  • More empowered
  • More prone to switching providers
  • More connected – to companies and each other
  • More regionally, globally diverse

Learn why one size no longer fits all

Traditional sales and service models are out of sync with consumer behaviors.
How really ready are you to respond to consumers‘ new approaches to finding and buying products?

Quelle: Accenture

Die Studie „Are Your Customers on a Speedway or Stuck in the Slow Lane? – 2012 Global Consumer Pulse Research“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

Eine Executive Summary der Studie gibt es hier.

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