Kunden mobil erreichen und binden

Kunden mit mobilem Geschäft erreichen und binden

Mobile Commerce Guide 2013

Studie mit Strategien und Tipps wie mit Mobile Commerce Kunden erreicht und gebunden werden können.

Mobile commerce is now a huge, broad landscape transforming how businesses operate and how customers interact with them.

Get a roadmap to the expanding world of mobile commerce in the third edition of SAP’s Mobile Commerce Guide: “Engage Customers & Build Loyalty in Developed and Emerging Markets”. Find out how banks, mobile operators, retailers, utilities, and consumer products companies are effectively using mobile commerce to drive customer engagement and loyalty. And learn about successful mobile commerce strategies from analysts, industry experts, and innovative early adopters.

The Mobile Commerce Guide gathers case studies and lessons learned from over 40 executives. These industry leaders have launched successful initiatives in banking, mobile operations, retail, consumer products and utilities. Their experience can help you understand, navigate and find your place this exploding market.

Quelle: SAP

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