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Die zunehmende Bedeutung von begeisterten Kunden beim Marketing

Brand Advocats

Brand Advocates: Kunden, die als treue und begeisterte Fans anderen von Ihren Erlenissen mit einer Marke berichten, nehmen eine wichtige Stellung im Content Marketing ein. Ihr Einfluss ist größer als man denkt.

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of business for marketers. A report by Zuberance now shows how businesses can make use of content marketing in combination with Social Media to attract more and more web users to become advocates for products and services.

A new study sponsored by Zuberance has revealed three surprising findings about Brand Advocates. In the social media era, power has shifted from advertising’s Mad Men to millions of trusted Brand Advocates. Their recommendations drive trillions of dollars of purchase decisions for everything from cars to computers, fish tacos to fitness memberships, software to smart phones. Amplified by social media, Brand Advocates‘ recommendations collectively reach millions of people on social networks, shopping sites, blogs, online communities, and elsewhere online.

Die Studie „Three Surprising Findings About Brand Advocates“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.


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