Großes Potential für Big Data

Einsatz und Erfolge von Big Data im Marketing

Potential für Big Data

Daten sind ein Thema, das seit einiger Zeit in aller Munde ist. Die Feldstudie beschreibt Marketingerfolge und Erfahrungen und Vorteile mit Big Data.

Data has become the bulwark of business strategy. Many executives say the bigger the big data, the better. A Forbes Insights survey conducted in association with big data AI company Rocket Fuel has found that marketers (both advertisers and corporate executives) who use big data generate more benefits from their initiatives—including gains in sales—than those who do not use it. This report is based on a survey conducted by Forbes Insights in August 2013, which was completed by 211 senior marketers in the U.S., both corporate executives and executives at ad agencies. The companies had at least $500 million in revenue and marketing budgets of $10 million or more; the agencies served brands of similar size. Additional in-depth interviews were conducted by Forbes Insights.

Quelle: Forbes

Die Studie „The Big Potential of Big Data – A Field Guide for CMOs“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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