Gegenwart und Zukunft des mobilen Marketings

Der strategische Nutzen des mobilen Marketings

Present and Future of Mobile Marketing

Neue Herausforderungen aber auch neue Chancen in der Kundenbeziehung durch mobiles Marketing.

Mobile is the catalyst for seismic changes in how brands will engage with consumers, these will create both new opportunities and challenges for marketers. The majority of mobile marketing spend today has been a reflection of desktop, primarily focused on advertising or anonymous consumers. With the potential intimacy and rich context offered by mobile, however, the true potential lies in the acknowledgement that mobile is a unique channel on to itself and a significant opportunity exists not only in advertising but also lower — funnel marketing or engaging with existing customers.

Key Findings:

  • Most mobile marketing spend is allocated to upper-funnel tactics. Among the executives surveyed, 90% use mobile advertising tactics, while only 48% use mobile marketing tactics to engage with their customers.
  • The planned use of context falls short of its potential. Too many mobile marketers — 78% — are rooted in their PC and audience paradigms, while only 43% use real-time information including time of day, but not behavioral data.
  • Too few marketers are building competencies for holistic mobile marketing. Only 45% of mobile marketing executives surveyed felt they had strong expertise in-house, while 52% rely on their agency for strategic guidance.

Quelle: Velti

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