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Digitales Marketing 2012

Wie Online Marketing erfolgreich gestaltet werden kann

2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey

Erfolgreiche Gestaltung von Online Marketing im Zeitalter von Mobile und Social Media

Across organizations worldwide, marketing momentum and budget is shifting to digital channels — particularly mobile and social media — making testing and optimization essential components of any successful online marketing initiative.

The Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey results have just been released, offering insights into optimization strategies and tactics for enhancing customer experiences from over 1700 leading digital marketers. This go-to guide for online marketing reveals how:

  • Social media has taken a valued role as a bona fide marketing channel
  • Agility is crucial to taking advantage and understanding new customer insights
  • Testing throughout the conversion funnel helps marketers identify the direct links to conversion behavior

Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers

Quelle: Adobe

Das Whitepaper „Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers in 2012“ kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

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